And as a legal document, in the rare cases where there has been a dispute over payment, your behavior, or the ethics of the therapy or therapist, a written contract clearly states your rights and the rights of your therapist. 31. We will carefully consider how we reach an agreement with customers and enter into contracts with them on the conditions under which our services are provided. Care is taken to: a. conclude an agreement or contract that takes into account as much as possible the needs and decisions expressed by each client. Communicate the terms of the agreement or contract in a way that is easily understandable by the customer and according to their context. Clearly state how a customer`s confidentiality and privacy will be protected and under what circumstances confidential or private information will be disclosed to others. Provide a record or easy access to a record of what has been agreed e. Record what has been agreed and any changes or clarifications as they occur. Be vigilant against possible contractual incompatibilities between agreements with our customers and other contractual agreements that apply to the work performed and proactively strive to avoid them as much as possible or to immediately raise awareness of the authority or responsibility to resolve these contradictions. It is important to have a contract so that the client has the information they need to make an informed choice and balance the power dynamics in the therapist-client relationship.

It is a good practice that the contract is in writing and that a copy of it is provided to the customer for him to win. There is no law in the UK that requires you to sign a contract to do talk therapy. It is up to your individual therapist to decide if they are willing to undergo therapy without a written contract. Otherwise, a written consultation contract serves to make it undeniably clear how your therapy is performed and what boundaries exist between you and your therapist. There is actually no rule about what a written consulting contract should be or discuss. In general, however, it contains some or all of the following: During your first session with a therapist, discuss what therapy entails, as well as housekeeping rules for payments, presence, mutual respect, privacy, etc. This is considered an oral contract. A consulting contract ensures that the consultation process is carried out in a good, safe and professional manner, and highlights the consultant`s responsibilities to clients as well as the client`s responsibilities to the consultant. A consultation contract is also a transparent basis for informed consent. Counseling and psychotherapy students often need to record and transcribe the skill sessions – and add a comment explaining your reasoning for each answer, whether the answer was effective, and how you could improve it (if any).

The transcription task can be very time-consuming and time-consuming. 37. We will avoid continuing or re-establishing relationships with former clients that could harm the client or impair the benefits of the therapeutic work performed. We recognize that conflicts of interest and issues of power or dependency may persist after the formal termination of our employment relationship with a client, supervisor or intern. For this reason, we will exercise caution before establishing personal or business relationships with former clients. We will avoid sexual or intimate relations with former clients or people close to them. Exceptionally, such a relationship is only permitted after careful consideration within the supervisory authority and, as far as possible, after consultation with experienced colleagues or other persons concerned with the integrity of the consulting professions, if: It is proposed to submit consulting contracts in writing, if necessary, to ensure clarity (see Code of Ethics ncs, item 9). Submission in the form of a written document can also provide the necessary space for legal intervention if the conditions are not met. A written contract is always a good idea. It serves the same purpose you do to see your therapist in person. .